Welcome to the website of the famous Hommingberg Cheetahtrout.

This fish lives in the not-so-deep rivers in the southeast counties of Northwest-Germany.
It is to be found mostly in the Yahoo-River at the estuary into Lake Google, at the feet of the Inktomi Cascades. While standing at Altavista Viewpoint you can watch all those SEO CEO's wading in the flood of the Datastream trying to catch the next big thing with their Internet.

Whats this all about?

The german computer-magazine "c't" has started a ranking-competition to beat Google and others searchengines by placing websites about a fictional item, the famous "Hommingberger Gepardenforelle" (Cheetah-Trout of Hommingberg).

Neither the fish nor the town exist, so this competition does not generate any colateral damage to any real existing site.

If you like you may put a link to this site on your homepage. With your help I might not end up on Rank-No. 1,523,486....

Deadline of this contest will be the 15. Dec. 2005

Links to the searchengines (german sites):
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